About Us

For the past 20 years, we’ve been vacationing in Europe, typically going in the spring or fall when the weather is warm and the tourists are few. Usually we spend a week in a place where we haven’t ventured before – Budapest, Gdansk, Tallinn, Italy’s Amalfi Coast and even the small coastal town of Nessebar in Bulgaria. But after a week of someplace new, we yearn for the familiar. It’s as if we’re attached to a bungee cord that’s been hurled out into space – it’s a thrill seeing new planets, but it’s even more wonderful to be snapped back and have our feet return to familiar soil. For us, that’s Southern France, a place we’d be happy to retire to some day, if money were no object.

We’re passionate about the south of France. The food, the wine, the art and the history continue to fascinate us. And we enjoy sharing it all with others. Over the years, friends and family have joined us as we roam through magnificent hilltop villages, sip some amazingly bold red wines, eat delicious garlic-infused stews and hike through incredible canyons that rival parts of our Grand one here in the U.S.

It’s wonderful to see other people enjoying these areas as much as we do. And it’s why we founded Provence Escapes in 2007. We wanted to share this incredible part of the world – these two unique regions in Southern France – that we’re sure will charm and amaze you, too.

Who we are.

After careers in advertising, marketing and broadcasting, we followed another passion – travel writing. Our travel features have appeared in the Miami HeraldSt. Petersburg TimesBoston HeraldAAA Going PlacesRoad and Travel Magazine and XM Satellite radio.

In 2003, we started publishing Where To Go Next!, a daily travel e-newsletter that became a popular travel information source, touted by Frommer’s, the Boston GlobeCincinnati EnquirerMiami Herald and Houston Chronicle, among others.

Traveling gave us an appreciation of the different cultures in the world. And in a big way prepared us for starting Provence Escapes. On each of our tours, Rich brings the knowledge of  years in the travel industry, along with a somewhat quirky sense of humor. And Judi, a gourmet cook and Francophile, is happy to introduce you to the delightful regional food and sites of Southern France.